Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Victory for Romney

I actually predicted correctly on Mitt Romney, and I am stunned. But I am also pleased with the results from Michigan.

Am I endorsing Mitt Romney for President? Yes. But I am not going to put a post up explaining my endorsement in sonorous, bloated pompous prose.

Nor will I put up a post on the front page of Connecticut Local Politics saying I endorse Romney as some bloggers on the left did not too long ago with Chris Dodd.

Nor will I put out a press release announcing my endorsement of Romney like Representative William Tong did with Obama.

Why you ask? Because I'm a f**ing blogger and I don't have a warped impression of my significance and I don't need to get over myself like some others out there. And I say that with love. XOXO.

-Hugs and kisses,
The Horseman


Judy Aron said...

Hmm.. you obviously did not live in Massachusetts when Romney was governor... My son did - and it wasn't pretty. (He's since moved back to CT).

The combined state and local tax burden in Massachusetts increased during Romney's governorship. According to the Tax Foundation, that per capita burden was 9.8% in 2002 (below the national average of 10.3%), and 10.5% in 2006 (below the national average of 10.8%).

Romney signed the Massachusetts health reform law requiring Massachusetts residents to buy health insurance coverage or else face a substantial penalty in the form of an additional income tax assessment.

Higher taxes to businesses and citizens and state mandates ... wonder what he'll do as president.

I am glad you found someone you can support though :)

Headless Horseman said...

Judy, I don't know if I want to entirely hang those things around Romney's neck. He only had like four Republicans in the state legislature at the time, and the Democrats there can share blame for those things.

He's not perfect, believe me I know that. I just think that taken as a whole, he's a superior candidate to the rest of the rather lackluster GOP field.

mccommas said...

Give Rudy another look.